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Teddy Bear Stuffers  


You’ve seen it and will always remember it – the sheer delight on the face of a child holding a new teddy bear. Children around the world love them and adults have fond memories of them. For us, teddy bears do make the world go round.

Teddy Bear Stuffers provides everything you need to build your own bear stuffing business. We sell stuffing machines, wholesale unstuffed teddy bears and other plush animal skins, clothes, accessories and more. Whether you’re a retailer who can see adding a teddy bear stuffing machine to your existing business, an At-Home party business, or an entrepreneur who can envision having your own bear stuffing business, at Teddy Bear Stuffers, we can help you build your business and be successful.

Hand Crank Electrical Stuffer   Hand Crank
  Gumball Stuffer   Standard Stuffer

Teddy Bear Stuffers is a company founded by retailers. We know this business, and we understand what you need to be successful. We offer some very different – and, what we think are important – products and services that elevate us in this industry.

Our bear stuffing machines are made from high-quality materials. With warranties to back our promise, we are proud of what we manufacture and want our customers to be buying the best when building their own bear stuffing business.

You won’t see our one-of-a-kind bear stuffing machines anywhere else. From the fun Portable Hand Crank where Ronnie Bear works hard to make the stuffing machine go, to our exclusive Non-Electric Hand Crank stuffing machine which can be used with an attendant or offered as a self service stuffer where the customers (recommended over 8 years of age) can be in control of the whole stuffing process, and also our Standard Stuffing Machine and our Animatronic Talking Tree. In addition, all of our unstuffed animal skins, their clothing and accessories are creatively designed by our in-house designer.

We excel at helping you – our customer – market your business. With manuals that include training materials for your employees, we commit ourselves to helping you have a successful and profitable bear stuffing business. And as always, we will be there for you with any questions you may have about your Teddy Bear Stuffers products or about the bear stuffing business in general.

We offer the greatest selection of bear stuffing machines, animals, outfits and accessories, period. We have products for both machine stuffing and hand stuffing. With more than 130 styles of unstuffed teddy bear and animal skins, more than 250 styles of outfits and accessories and dozens of machines to choose from, our selection is unmatched.


Animatronic Tree Stuffer
Gumball Stuffer
Deluxe Gumball Stuffer
Hand Crank Electrical Stuffer
Hand Crank Mechanical  Stuffer
Standard Stuffer
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