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Teddy Bear Skins, Unstuffed Plush Dolls, Outfits, Accessories and More

In addition to the largest selection of teddy bear stuffing machines, Teddy Bear Stuffers is proud to offer everything else you need for your bear factory business. Whether your business is in a mall, in a store, at a fair or takes place at home birthday parties, we have more than 130 styles of animal and teddy bear skins, 250 styles of outfits and a huge assortment of other accessories for your bear factory business. Immediate product availability, same-day shipping and great customer service are part of what we do every day to make your experience with Teddy Bear Stuffers the best it can be.

All of our animals and outfits are designed by and exclusively manufactured for Teddy Bear Stuffers by highly reputable manufacturers. Our skins are rated for three years of age and older. Manufacturing is pursuant to ASTM standards and metal detection is performed a minimum of three times during the detailed manufacturing process. No child or convict labor is used.

Plush Animal & Teddy Bear Skins - Developed by our in-house designer, our selection of skins is large and fits any bear factory needs. Our skins range in size from 12 to 19 inches. All of our skins come with a 3 to 4 inch locking zipper which in addition to offering paramount safety, makes hand stuffing easier. This system is the best in the industry. Once the animal is stuffed, the zipper is closed and the zipper locks into place. . See Stuffable Friends...

Adorable Outfits and Accessories – Our over 250 outfits and accessories are designed to give the newly stuffed animals and dolls a personality to suit each customer. These outfits fit the 14” to 16” animals the best, but look good on every body! From fantasy dress up to career and sports and so much more, our line of outfits makes it easy for your customer to come back again and again for more dress-up fun which adds to your bottom line! See Outfits...

Unstuffed Plush Dolls - Teddy Bear Stuffers also offers a beautiful line of stuffable dolls to use with ourteddy bear stuffing machines. Our unstuffed plush dolls come in 15 and 13 inch varieties. Our 15-inch Dollicious dolls have gorgeously designed faces and creative and attractive hairstyles. Our 13-inch Baby Dollicious dolls have been created to be sweet, soft and cuddly. Most of our clothing will fit our beautiful Dollicious Dolls. A special line of clothing has been created for our Baby Dollicious Dolls and will also fit our 12” to 14” plush animals. See Stuffable Friends..

Teenie Teddies – One of the fastest growing segments of the stuff your own teddy bear business is our 8” Teenie Teddies line. Stuffable, just like their bigger cousins, these little guys are great as a party favor or for your more price sensitive customers. With their own line of clothes, the Teenies are very popular. The clothing will even fit other 8” plush toys. See Teenie Teddies...

Unique Skins - If you’re looking for unique and distinctive elements to build attraction for your bear factory business, we have what you need. We can design an animal or outfit specifically for your business, whether it is a stuffable mascot or your company logo or a special event imprinted on a t-shirt, hat or backpack. And don’t forget our stuffable purses which add an amusing and unique option for your customers. See Stuffable Friends...

More and More Accessories - From the decorative touches like bows and hats, to fun additions like animal sounds or a lullaby, to the cradles the plush toys go home in, we have it all. Just some of our accessories include:

  • Angel wings
  • Baby blankets
  • Birth certificates
  • Backpacks and other bags
  • Hats – baseball caps, party hats and more
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Sound modules
  • Cradles


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